Time to Go! Go! Again: Second Installment in Power Rangers Film Franchise in Early Development

In 2017, we were graced with an amazing film adaptation of one of the most iconic super teams on television. The intensity of the characters, how they intertwine and develop between each other and on the journey they venture after touching the Power Coins is something to be recognized as a cinematic accomplishment for the franchise. After viewing, it made me excited for more, which was a good thing because there were supposed to be many. However, the future became unclear when Saban Brands sold Power Rangers. Hasbro, who Power Rangers was sold to, is now working with a film studio to make the sequel happen!


The CEO of Hasbro Brian Golder said that there will be new Power Rangers “entertainment content and licensed products” into the next year in order to achieve an operating profit akin to Hasbro’s other franchises. A follow up to the 2017 will be the perfect way to execute this plan of action, at the very least teasing the film in 2019 and releasing the next installment sometime in 2020.

The obvious way to continue (SPOILERS AHEAD) is to introduce Tommy Oliver to the team as the new Green Ranger.  As for the studio, it would be interesting to see how Paramount would shape the film franchise. How do you think the story will pick back up? Is there any particularly story you’ve seen before you’d like to be theatrically adapted? How excited are you for this overall? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @geekmotivation and follow us for more news like this!

Source: Comicbook.com

Written by Mike Guimond