Marvel Studios Looking to Film Phase 4 Project in June 2019

It seems that Marvel Studios is setting up to shoot a movie next June in the UK that is part of phase four. The question is, what could that movie be? Let’s break it down!


First, I think the most obvious, in my eyes, is Black Widow. The movie is going to be set as a prequel and almost as an origin story, so it would be the easiest to shoot. The movie already has its director in Cate Shortland and a script that is close or if not done already and going through the final check phase. The Black Widow solo film is the soonest to be ready to shoot, and the demand for the movie is very high, so it is most likely Marvel is betting on the hype for the movie and trying to shoot as soon as possible.


The next choice in mind for me is Doctor Strange 2. While it is all but confirmed that Doctor Strange 2 will be worked on by the team that did the first movie, they have not officially announced t it. I think that the year timeline will let them do so and get the script out so they can start filming right away. If an official announcement comes within the next three months, I could see that movie begin to start filming in June.


The next but less likely movie would be the next entry in the cosmic side of the MCU. Kevin Feige has gone on record to state an Eternals movie is in development and further development in that is it now has its writers, and a script is currently being written. The issue with this is that no director has been officially announced or linked to the project, so for it to start filming in June would be quite a time-crunched schedule. With all the hot water that is around the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise right now, I doubt that Disney and Marvel Studios would start filming so soon.


Just for fun, I want to throw out one project in there that would make the internet and my comic-book-loving heart go crazy…..Fantastic Four! Yeah yeah, I know; it is way too early to start filming an F4 movie with the Fox and Disney deal just getting done, but who knows! Optimism is the word of the day! What do you think could be the movie that is going to start shooting next June? For all things geek, you are in the right place!