Iron Fist Season 2 Review (Spoiler Free)

After one year and a half since seeing him for the first time, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is back with the second season of Iron Fist.

This show had a rocky start and mostly bad reviews, I personally found the first season enjoyable but flawed. During season 1,  my biggest complaint was the story’s pacing. It started with a slow-burn that lost control on the last episode and exhausted storyline possibilities. In comparison, this season has benefited from the cut down of episodes, consisting in only 10 episodes instead of the usual 13. This allowed a better-paced storytelling, bringing slowly the elements that made up the main plot and built momentum for the final showdown.

In a way, this season presents a calmer Danny Rand. Gone is the guy with a short-fuse temper that went looking for a fight and the compassionate one remains (this, of course, brings trouble). What’s satisfying about Danny’s arc this season is that he’s truly maturing in front of the viewers’ eyes. The destruction of K’un L’un and afterward The Hand, have left Danny with no mission as the Iron Fist, but Matt Murdock’s dying request remains with him: protect the city. The problem presents itself when Danny realizes he doesn’t really know what he’s fighting for and this allows moments of retrospection.


However, at moments the audience forgets he’s the main character and other characters are the ones that steal the spotlight. Since the show started, Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) has carried it. She’s a truly interesting and lovable character and that hasn’t changed this season. The best moments this season are those with Colleen and Misty Knight (Simone Missick) in them. Their interactions give viewers a glimpse of what the Daughters of the Dragon could be and it’s honestly amazing. Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey) is as well one of the highlights this season, the character shows strong development and one can’t help but love the character.

Davos (Sacha Dhawan) proves to be a worthy antagonist, he’s vengeful and even bloodthirsty at times. His story helps fill the gaps about Danny’s time in K’un L’un and gives a better understanding of the conflict at hand. Joy Meachum (Jessica Stroup) brings out a lot of confusing feelings this season and her antagonist role falls a bit short.

Another strong point this season is the addition of Mary (Alice Eve). Comic-book readers may already know beforehand who she is, but her story in the show is just as gripping.

Story-wise this season deepens the Iron Fist mythos and has made way for future storylines, but the plot didn’t really stand out. Looking back there have been some improvements to the show, it remains fun and enjoyable, but it still isn’t anything exceptional.

Written by: Cecilia López Closs

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