Carnage 101

One month from now, Venom will have debuted on the big screen all across the United States While a lot of the film is known, we still do not know who Woody Harrelson’s mystery character is. While there has been some speculation about what role he is playing, many believe he is playing the savage that is Carnage. With that being said, many people do not know about Carnage’s origins and powers/abilities. So welcome to class, and today we are going to go over caring comic book origin and some of the powers and abilities of the symbiote!

Cletus Cassidy childhood is straight out of nightmares. As a kid, his dad killed his mom after his dad accused his mother(Cletus mom) of trying to kill Cletus. While in court, Celtus denied this and never gives an explanation of why his father killed his mom. This leads to his father dying, so already Cletus life is messed up. He then later in his adolescent and teen years decides to kill his grandmother by pushing her down the stairs.  After this incident, he becomes more deranged than ever and eventually gets locked up after going on a killing spree. This is where the fun begins, as, during a prison break involving Eddie Brock, a small piece of the symbiote falls off and connects with celtus; thus carnage is born.
Carnage is different then most symbiotes as the red color of his symbiote is actually from it fusing with his blood. Also, what makes it very different than most is that when separated from celtus, the symbiote still retains the evil and the craziness that is Cletus Cassidy mind. So unlike venom were the symbiote only a little bit of the person from a mental standpoint; allowing them to act as two symbiotes units working together. Meanwhile, the carnage is one; meaning that anyone who wears the symbiote becomes just as deranged as Cassady,plus whatever their personality is.
As expected, the carnage has the same powers sets as venom(being that it is offspring) except, Carnegie durability is much higher (which is already insane) then most symbiotes. Just like the others, carnage can shapeshift, has super strength, a kind of version of the spidey sense(toned way down) and use web-like powers.
With all that being said, there have been some crazy people to wear carnage symbiote. There is celtus who it always seems to come back.  Some other key people that have worn that carnage symbiote is Doc.OCK, Ben Reilly Spiderman, silver surfer, and Norman Osborn. No matter who wears the symbiote, it always seems to come back celtus thought. Carnage has gone toe to toe with some heavy hitters in the Marvel universe, including sentry (RIGHT?), Spiderman, Venom, and others along his adventures with other hosts.
That is a rundown of demons counterpart Carnegie! Are you excited to possibly see him in venom? Give us your thoughts! For all things geek, you are in the right place!