First Look At Ruby Rose’s Batwoman

Earlier this year, The CW announced that Batwoman would make her Arrowverse debut in the annual crossover event. Shortly thereafter, actress Ruby Rose was given the role of Kate Kane, and said to star in her own spinoff series. Now, after weeks of debating the casting decision, fans’ first look at the Australian actress suited up.


The image features Rose dressed and ready to go with what is presumably a Batwoman signal shining high in the night sky above. The image, however, was not yet officially released.

Although a member of the Batfamily is confirmed for the Arrowverse, The CW and Warner Bros. will not include any Batman team up, despite Bruce Wayne’s confirmed existence. Other hints at the Batfamily, have also been dropped, as Bludhaven was mentioned numerous times throughout the tenure of Arrow, and was even visited a time or two.

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Written By: Zach Smith