Flash Solo Film Stuck in the Speedforce, May Escape in 2021

Back in fall of 2014, Warner Brothers first officially announced the release of a Flash solo film for 2018. Although Ezra Miller has remained in the role of Barry Allen/The Flash, there have been consistent changes of writers and directors up until eight months ago.

Although the film has been pushed to 2020, with filming set to begin next March, the only thing left needed is the script, which is still being worked on. Meanwhile, Ezra Miller is contractually obligated to the Fantastic Beasts series. Overall, this has caused Warner Brothers to delay the film from exiting the speedforce until at least 2021, given filming won’t be able to start until later next year.

Yes, we have waited for the film for 4 years, but even if we have to wait a few more, the production of the film races on regardless. Here’s to hoping they make it great! What are your thoughts?  Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @geekmotivation and follow us for more news like this!

Mike Guimond