RUMOR: New Birds of Prey Plot Details

So it seems that information about the upcoming Birds of Prey movie is beginning to spill! A rumor has outlined the films plot line and some of the character bios!


Still here? Cool. Let’s go through this spill part by part and see what can be gathered from it. Once again, all this is a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt. The first part of the rumor states some of the more upfront info, including the simple character bios for each of the members. Black Canary is described as a singer who fights crime, Harley Quinn is in her ever-so-active form just trying to get over the Joker, while Huntress is hunting down Black Mask (the big villain of the film).

The latter part of the description is what brings them together. The Black Mask has kidnapped Cassandra Cain and it is believed that they are trying to make her a picture-perfect trained killer. This is where things get interesting, as it is revealed by this rumor not to be the only focus. As the focus is not going to be just recusing Cassandra Cain and instead involves the third act where Huntress can exact her revenge on a Black Mask.

So to me, it sounds like the standard team-up formula. What will be interesting is which way they take each of these characters in there personal journey. I have heard that many fans have been clamoring to see a possible Cassandra Batman in the future of what the DCEU is going to be. I also heard some fans want a Black Canary and Green Arrow film down the line.

The rumor ends with a note of an epic cameo, but the article does not state who it is. My money would be on Batman or the Joker, since Harley is trying to get away from both. It would be awesome if they somehow fast-tracked a Green Arrow cameo or one of the other League members. In general this sounds like a lot of exciting stuff and I can’t wait to get precise details in the future. For all things geek, you are in the right place, so check back with our Twitter!

Source: Revenge of the Fans