‘Morbius’ Villain Potentially Revealed

Anti-heroes have always been popular with comic book movies with films such as The Blade Trilogy, of course Deadpool and now Sony’s recent success, Venom. Admittedly I have not seen Venom yet but I have heard mixed reactions. However, I will withhold judgement until I have seen the movie.

That being said, Sony is pushing forward with their anti-hero-verse. Jared Leto’s Morbius the Living Vampire has news that there will be a brand new villain that is original and separate from the comic books. Ring any bells? Isn’t this what they did Venom?

To me this is a risky decision because, the film being what it is (an adaptation of a comic book with the majority of the audience being pre-existing fans) surely you would want to stick to the comics as closely as possible rather than throwing in the villain without the hero and no other characters from the comic books. Maybe it’s just me who thinks that these villain to anti-hero movies are stretching it a little too far.

But maybe this is a good idea… Maybe adding originality to adaptations is the way forward. Let us know what you think @geekmotivation on Twitter!