5 Moral Takeaways From ‘Venom’

A film’s main job is to tell a story, but another big job is to give lessons to the audience.

Typically in films, characters are given a moral decision to make. Eddie Brock in Venom is no excpetion. Throughout the film we see Eddie having to make decisons, or deal with the outcome of other decisions. Here are 5 Moral Takeaways from Venom.

1. Always do the right thing, even if it means risking everything

Eddie is forced to make tough decisions in this film. He knows Carlton Drake is evil, and he understands that people need to know. What does he do? He goes out of his way to make sure the people know. He knows that he could lose his career, his girlfriend, and maybe his life, but he still chooses to do the right thing. It is always important to remember to do the right thing, no matter what.

2. Be open to change

When we first meet the symbiote, he is completely in control, and refuses to let Eddie handle anything. On top of that, he doesn’t Eddie to remain. Eventually, he finds a way to work with Eddie, and allows a change of pace in his life. Change is good, and healthy for anyone. It is important to allow change into your life.

3. Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Constantly, we see the symbiote and Eddie unable to work together. We see one or the other fighting for control. Throughout the film, they eventually learn to work together, and we see that in the final fight against Riot. Eddie and The Symbiote eventually learn that it’s easier to get the job done together.

4. Anyone can be a hero

When we meet Eddie, he is anything but a hero. No one would expect a character like him to be a hero, but when he realizes he HAS to be a hero, we discover that Eddie is an odd hero, but still a hero. This part of his character teaches that anybody, no matter where they come from, can be a hero.

5. Forgive others

When Eddie finds out that the symbiote is killinbg him from the inside out, it breaks his heart. He feels betrayed and left behind. he eventually learns to forgive him, and works to put his feelinsg behind him, and fight to save the world.

These are a just a few of the takeaways from Venom. Did you find anymore? Let us know in the comments below! For all thing Geek related, follow us @geekmotivation.

Written by: Tyler Siedell