Halloween (2018) Non-Spoiler Review

Fans of silent slasher killer Michael Myers and the Halloween film series overall have anticipated another installment in the horror franchise. The wait is over because it is finally here as director David Gordon Green delivers a faithful successor to the 1978 version. This article briefly analyzes the film for those who want to know if the film is worth watching.


For starters, the film has its hilarious moments, and it must have come from co-writer Danny McBride, who has been famous for acting with Seth Rogen and James Franco in comedies. However, last year’s Alien: Covenant may prove that he can have a serious role in non-comedic projects.

The writing in this year’s Halloween is excellent for the most part, especially with the way scenes transition with jump scares to get the audience’s hearts pumping. In addition, we are shown a well-thought plot twist and a smart way to kill a killer, but the biggest feat of this installment is the parallels to the original 1978 film. The best people in this movie are the main female characters in the way they work together to take down Michael Myers. Although, it does have some ridiculous parts that set it apart from the rest of the film.

Despite the nostalgia that makes us reminisce about the roots of the original, this film reminds us that we are in 2018, and we are taught some things about being safe and treating others.

  • Always close your doors because you never know what could come through.
  • College is not your only option, but you should still take it into consideration.
  • Your family will be there for you if you allow them to.
  • Treat other people as individuals, especially in the environment we live in today.
  • Substances could have you killed, so it is best not to do them.

Overall, Halloween (2018) tries to follow the rules of surviving a horror movie, and yet it does have some flaws here and there. It shows us that this may not be like the other installments of the franchise. The writing, the jump scares, and the nostalgia are the highlights of the film while also keeping us in the present and giving us splendid performances from actresses Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer. There are also some nods to other movie franchises such as that of Child’s Play. This installment gets an 8 out of 10.


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Written by: John Daniel Tangalin