What Makes Slashers Scary

Slasher films have become more prevalent this year with the releases of movies like Strangers: Prey at Night and Halloween. Slasher flicks are so unique, but what exactly makes them unique? Why are we scared of the boogeymen that haunt the screen?

When it comes to horror, common audiences can be scared by a multitude of things from monsters to ghosts, but the slashers stand out in a league of their own. These antagonists bring a level of style that other movies can’t compete with, especially when it comes to jump scares and gore.

But how do we keep getting scared by these guys when they’re competing with villains like the Xenomorph or Pennywise? I believe that the answer is in the simplicity of their design. Most of these slashers are just people. They’re just like us, but they embody evil. We fear them because they’re human monsters. It’s a kind of horror that we can actually walk into. Something like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre could happen to anybody.

Other slashers, like Nightmare on Elm Street and Child’s Play, aren’t as realistic, but they’re just as popular. These slashers bring an atmosphere of paranoia to audiences that keeps them awake at night. They make you keep your guard up. After all, no one expects to be attacked by a child’s doll or in their dreams.

All in all, slashers represent some of the best scares that the horror genre has to offer. There’s a variety of movies in the sub genre that are good in their own way. So this Halloween, get with some friends and enjoy the horrors of these spooky killers.