Come Aboard, PSYCHO-PIRATE: Bob Frazer Joins CW’s ELSEWORLDS Crossover

Following the news of The CW’s Arrowverse crossover being titled Elseworlds, which implied a slew of new characters from the multiverse would be introduced, many more reports have come in of these characters being cast. Just recently, it was announced that The 100‘s Bob Frazer would be joining the cast as Roger Haden, better known as DC Comics villain Psycho-Pirate.


Charles Halstead, the first iteration of the character, was a villain that planned his crimes based on emotions. Roger Haden, the second iteration of the character, was a gangster that was in jail with Halstead. Haden first appeared in Showcase #56 in which Halstead, in his dying breath, informed him of the existence of the Medusa Masks, which allow the wearer to project emotions onto others. Upon finding them, Haden merges them into a faceplate which he uses as Psycho-Pirate. The power of absorbing emotions, despite causing him pain, becomes an addiction. He has come to blows with heroes such as Doctor Fate and Hourman, which had led to his imprisonment.


An important story to note is that during Crisis on Infinite Earths, Pyscho-Pirate is captured by Anti-Monitor and is used to manipulate Barry Allen and heroes from other Earths to turn against one another. It is an overused trope in the Arrowverse, but in another story from Grant Morrison’s Animal Man, Psycho-Pirate is in Arkham Asylum and is not only responsible for the release of various prisoners, but for their knowledge that they are characters in a comic book. A fourth-wall-breaking would be epic to see in the Arrowverse and just wondering how it could be done in an adaptation is exciting!

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Written by Mike Guimond

Source: SuperBroMovies