Avengers 4 Details As Told By Joe Russo

Half a year has passed since Avengers: Infinity War blew audiences’ minds worldwide and left them yearning for answers, and it is only another half of a year until its highly-anticipated sequel hits theaters with those reputed answers. Worry not, as co-director Joe Russo provides comic book fans with some juicy details regarding the untitled fourth Avengers film. MCU Cosmic writer Jeremy Conrad took to Twitter as this happened for those who missed out on the news.


During a Question & Answer session streamed live from his Los Angeles bar Duello’s Instagram account, the Russo brother reveals the following about the fourth Avengers film:

  • The stakes will “absolutely” be “one hundred percent (100%)” higher, i.e. “the highest of any of the films to-date.”
  • “The running time on Avengers 4 is currently sitting right at three (3) hours, so we’ll see if that holds, but–you know–it’s sitting at three hours right now.”
  • As of yet, the film is “about halfway through to the editing process” and has “more than three thousand (3,000) VFX (visual effects) [that] require a lot of time and thought and energy and effort.”
  • Fans “may or may not see” the trailer for the film “before the calendar turns [over] to 2019.”

In addition to this, he revealed the following in regards to him and his brother Anthony’s past and future works:

  • “The best part of filming [Captain America: The Winter Soldier] was everything. My brother and I are very fond of that movie. We worked very hard on that film, and for us, it was our introduction into the Marvel [Cinematic] Universe and [was] important to us not only from the storytelling standpoint … but in a way that we took ownership of those characters and then took the story that started with Winter Soldier and carried it all the way through Avengers 4, so I think you’ll see that there’s a narrative thread between all the movies that we’ve done for Marvel. It’s been very important to us. It’s been very important to [Christopher] Markus and [Stephen] McFeely, who were the writers who would work with us on all four movies. There’s a continuity that built into the narrative, and Winter Soldier really was … a tone shift for the Marvel Universe. It was where we really started rocking the boat, and that’s something else that’s important to us, too, is that each film really turned everything on its head. The most aggressive narrative is when you can surprise people and give them something that they’re not expecting and shift their perspective on the common area that is the Marvel Universe moving forward.
  • “[My brother Anthony and I] would absolutely love to work with Marvel again. I mean, [our film producers] Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, and Victoria Alonso are like family to us. It’s amazing that we’ve worked [at Marvel Studios] for seven (7) years, is that we’ve prioritized working environment and quality of life and relationships. It’s been an amazing experience, and what they’ve done in the last decade is just unprecedented, and they’ve done it because they are such a close-knit family, and it’s been an amazing experience for us, so we’d gladly work with Marvel in the future.

Joe Russo messes and trolls around with his fans by cutting off the live-feed when asked what the title to the fourth Avengers film would be.

What do you think? What do you think the title is? Would you watch a three-hour cut of the movie? Let us know your thoughts! The mysterious and still-untitled fourth Avengers film hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019, or until it is decided that the release date gets moved up.

Also, if you ever happen to be in the area and can definitely do so, go check out Joe Russo’s Los Angeles bar Duello, which pays homage to the Arts District. It is nestled within Simone, a restaurant owned by the Russo Brothers and partnered with Chef Jessica Largey.

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Written by: John Daniel Tangalin

Sources: MCU Cosmic via Twitter and YouTube, and SuperBroMovies