Excelsior: A Farewell to Stan Lee

Stan Lee had a significant impact on the geek community. Because of him, children and adults all over the world have a vast amount of heroes to look up to – flawed heroes. He gave us characters who tried to do the right thing, even if it meant doing the hard thing. People who made mistakes and had their own personal problems as well as facing the challenges of being a superhero.

In the 1950s, Lee was considering leaving the field, believing it wasn’t rewarding anymore. He decided to take a chance on creating characters against the ideal archetypes that comics tended to use first. He did this by creating complex and more realistic characters that we can still relate to today. If he didn’t persevere and wrote what he thought people wanted, instead of what he wanted to write, Lee’s life and Marvel itself would have turned out much differently. Because he believed in himself, he was able to see the universe he helped fabricate expand to the point where his creations were showcased on the big screen. The reason we have great characters like Spider-Man and Iron Man is because he wrote stories he was passionate about instead of stories that were anticipated. Lee taught us that we can create our own path in life that makes us happy by going beyond what it expected. He also taught us to be ourselves and to celebrate that.

Stan Lee and Spidey

So many of us here at Geek Motivation grew up reading Marvel Comics and have seen every MCU movie. When life got us down, we could read about our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man or watch Captain America help us win World War II. Being immersed in this world for a couple hours helped us take a break from our problems while watching a superhuman deal with theirs. He is a significant reason why we are a part of this community and why Geek Motivation came to fruition. Not only did Stan Lee leave us with his creations, but he also left us with his spirit. Even at 95 years old, he cameoed in movies based off his work, discussed the importance of inclusivity (which can be shown in the picture below) and brought joy to everyone with his warm energy. He is a prime example of what it means to live your life to its fullest.

While I will never have the chance to meet Stan Lee, I will always be grateful of his work. The pure joy a Marvel movie brings to its viewers is unparalleled and without Stan Lee, those movies would not have existed/will not continue to be made in the future.

Even though Stan Lee is no longer with us, Marvel will continue to thrive, and his legacy will live on. I will always be grateful for Stan Lee and the ever-growing universe he has created. Excelsior!

Author: Danielle Gonzalez