Sony Announce two new Titles in 2020

It seems that Sony is getting ready to capitalizes on the massive amount of money that venom has made. Sony has recently set aside two dates in 2020 for movies. While these could be anything, it is most likely that these two dates are set aside for sony’s marvel universe to take place(I guess we can call it Venomverse? If you have a better name let me know @Indianparker on twitter!). While it is not known exactly what these movies are, let’s say one of them is for sure Morbius starring Jared Leto as he recently just posted to his twitter account a video of him getting ready for the film. The other movie is a toss-up. My money is Venom 2 or whatever they decide to call the sequel. Knowing how cash-hungry films studios are nowadays, I would not be surprised to see Sony fast-track the sequel. Some other movies could be the Kraven Movie in development or the Silver Sable project. Although those are highly unlikely, they are still possibilities. We will see thought because with 2019 shortly about to begin the news for these projects will start to build. For all things geek, you are in the right place!


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