Warner Bros Has Blue Beetle Film In Development

Wow! Looks like DC and Warner Bros are developing a Blue Beetle movie! It seems that they are going the route of the more recent Blue beetle in Jaime Reyes! It appears that they have already tagged a writer for the script in Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer! How excellent is this potential news, as Jaime Reyes would be the first Latino superhero stand-alone Superhero movie! For those who have not heard of Blue Beetle, it is okay. For the longest time, he was considered a B/C list character. Often his name was mentioned in the same sentence of booster gold. The person to wear the blue beetle mantle before Reyes was Ted Kord in the comics. Then in late 2006, Jamie got his own solo title within DC.

Although his comics counterpart has had some notable appearances, it was his appearance in the top-rated Young Justice TV show that made him jump in popularity!
It will be interesting to see what stories they decide to tap into. Blue Beetle is one of those more modern superheroes that does not have a ton of lingerie and rules that have to play with. I think that the movie will take a much more kid-friendly tone and will become a teenage action flick! I don’t know what the current status of the DCU is so I am going to say this movie is going to a stand-alone, we shall see as it is only in the early development stages! For all things geek, you are in the right place! Stay motivated

Source: TheWrap