Captain America is “Not Done Yet”

A couple months ago Chris Evans tweeted about how he wrapped on Avengers 4 (which can be shown below) while seemingly implying that he was no longer playing Captain America. Fans also believed this because his contract ran out as well as many of his Avengers costars. However, in an interview last week with Associated Press, Joe Russo stated that Chris Evans is “not done yet” with his role of Captain America.

Chris Tweet

While this doesn’t tell us much, Russo also says that “audiences will soon find out what [he is] talking about” so this might mean that he is going to announce a movie that Chris Evans will star in, or that in Avengers 4 we will discover Captain America to live on. It could even just mean that he is in another movie’s after credit scene or something else that is small so we can’t get too excited yet. There are a lot of possibilities that could come from this, but this shows that there is a chance that Chris Evans has renewed his contract.

What do you think? Do you want Captain America to die in Avengers 4 or live on? Or perhaps star in another hero’s movie pre Infinity War? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Danielle Gonzalez

Source: Associated Press