‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Release Date Confirmed For Tomorrow

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of new footage, in the form of trailers, for March’s Captain Marvel and May’s Avengers 4. Coming off of two weeks of confusion from many different reports, it seems that fans are finally able to rest well knowing we could receive both trailers this week.


Earlier today, Marvel Studios announced on Twitter that fans will be receiving a trailer during ESPN’s Monday Night Football tomorrow night. The tweet also included a picture of the new poster for Captain Marvel, which continues Marvel’s Phase 3 poster theme of bright colors and the main focus being on the protagonist(s). It also incorporates a theme we can expect from the film, that being the two sides of Carol Danvers’ double life as an alien warrior, and an Air Force pilot.


With this announcement, we can also expect an Avengers 4 trailer sometime this week. Expect trailer breakdowns for both trailers, as soon as they release.

What do you guys think? Are you guys excited for these new trailers, and are you hyped for the release of both films next year? For updates on the following trailers, and all things geek, follow us @GEEKMOTIVATION.

Source: Marvel Studios’ Twitter

Written by Tyler Siedell