Why I Think Tony Stark is the Key to Saving The Universe in ‘Avengers 4’


One the best and worst things about waiting for the anticipated release of Avengers 4 is reading, and coming up with personal fan theories. So many fans on the internet are coming up with new and exciting possibilities for the upcoming film.

Today, I’ve decided to share a personal theory that I have recently thought up in my head.

This theory begins back in 2015’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron. In the opening scene of the film, we see Tony Stark exploring a room full of Chitauri tech, in it, Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) plays with his mind and shows him a vision of a potential future.

The vision plays with his emotions, and it shows his fellow Avengers laying on the ground, dead or severely wounded.

He approaches Steve Rogers (Captain America), and he wakes up. Steve tells him “You could’ve saved us.” and asks “Why didn’t you do more?”

This causes Tony to enter a state of panic, and looks to see dozens of Chitauri Soldiers and Ships headed towards Earth through a portal that is obviously formed from the space stone.

This vision has been at the center of theories for a while, but now that we have seen May’s Avengers: Infinity War. In it, we watch as Thanos eliminates half of the universe, and kills some of Tony’s friends, including the child who he sees as his own son, Peter Parker (Spider-Man). The only Avengers that survive the snap are Thor, Captain America, Bruce Banner (Hulk), Black Widow, War Machine and Hawkeye, as Clint has been confirmed to be alive. (I understand that Nebula and Rocket survive, but for the sake of this theory, I’m only counting the actual team of Avengers.) This is important as the only Avengers to be in Tony’s vision are the Avengers that survived the snap, AKA the founding members. (Except for War Machine, but his fate isn’t important from a writing perspective.) Some will day that this is simply because those were the only Avengers at the time, but I think there is more too it.

Tony arguably was dealing with the emotions of potentially being the one who will lead The Avengers, and that can explain the vision, but Thor hadn’t yet discovered the Infinity Stones, the coming doom of Asgard, or ‘Vision’, and yet his vision included all three of those things.

This is because Wanda’s powers were given to her from the mind stone. The stones have been proven to have some sort of mind in them, and they show their users some sort of information they (the stones) deem important.

In Thor’s Vision, he is told that he is leading Asgard to their death. He leads them as their king when Thanos attacks the Asgardian ship in Infinity War. He also is the one that orders Surtur to be brought to life, to kill Hela by destroying Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok. He is also shown a glimpse of his future abilities to summon lightning, and be strong without his hammer Mjolnir. Heimdall also tells Thor he can see everything, which could potentially explain his ability to talk to Thor no matter where he is. (But that is a stretch without a doubt)

These are all things that happen in the future, so it wasn’t Wanda using Thor’s emotions against him. This is what leads me to believe that Tony’s vision is some sort of future of the MCU. It’s possible to believe that this could actually happen.

I firmly believe Tony will make the big decision that will stop Thanos in Avengers 4. In the original comic that inspired Infinity War, after Thanos had wiped out half the universe, the remaining heroes fought him. After easily defeating all of the heroes, one man stood against him: Captain America. Captain America told him that as long as one man stood against him, he couldn’t win.

I believe that Tony will play this role in Avengers 4. He will be the last man to stand against Thanos, and he will fight until there’s nothing left. I believe at this point, there will have been other things that Tony went through in the film to be able to stand toe to toe with Thanos. He will give his life to save them, and rewrite the universe and erase Thanos’ snap. It will likely include a sacrifice of some sort. Whether or not that is himself, is to be decided. All I know is, I believe in the face of imminent death, and knowing that he could’ve done more to save his friends, Tony will do more. He will be the one to save the universe. He metaphorically began this incredible MCU journey, and he will see it to the very end.

Because of the soon to be released film, Captain Marvel, there is some more truth to this film. In the vision, we also see soldiers lying on the ground around the Avengers.

From the looks of it, these seem like they may be S.W.O.R.D. Agents.

The logo on the arm of this soldier looks eerily similar to the S.W.O.R.D. logo.

We can assume they may play a role in Avengers 4, considering we know that Captain Marvel will play a role in the film, and she has a heavy connection to the organization. As we know, the Avengers will need all the help they can get.

No matter what happens, we can be sure that Tony will play a huge role in the film, and be a key to saving the universe.

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Written by Tyler Siedell