Kevin Feige Asked to Review Dark Phoenix Script

According to Marvel Studio executive Kevin Feige is to take a look at the script for Dark Phoenix... you know that X-Men movie that was supposed to be coming out this year but never came out. Yeah that one. What’s going on with that again?

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Well, what might well be our last X-Men film or at least the last X-Men film produced by Fox. The film has had numerous delays and supposed re-writes, I’m starting to think that Fox juts doesn’t want to release it. However at this point, what have they got to lose? They’ve already sold off tonnes of assets to Disney, so whats the harm in releasing one last film (which is probably just going to be mediocre at best) under the Fox-Marvel banner.

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Well the thing is, Feige has already said that he doesn’t want to start any new projects until he has handled “what he has in front of him”. But maybe they’re trying to make this the best it can be. Feige has a proven track record after all. Maybe this could work. Somehow this little scrap of news has given me some hope.

Whether the X-men get incorporated into the MCU or not, wouldn’t you like to see a grand finally to this franchise?

*Ahem* like the one we got with Logan *Ahem*

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-Tyrone Devon