RUMOR: Dazzler Might Have An Appearance in ‘X-Men Dark Phoenix’

The mutant Dazzler will reportedly premiere in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Actress Halston Sage is rumored to be property the fan favorite mutant. The role is supposedly brief but still, nonetheless, it is exciting to see. This isn’t the first time the news has been picked up so it will be interesting to see if an official announcement is revealed. She has a very unique set of powers in she has the ability to convert sound into light and uses them in various forms of beams and such. I do not know how much in the story she will be involved, but nevertheless, if the rumor becomes correct she will be in. Personally, I do not think the tone of her character fits the story in the dark phoenix.

Also, the story is vast and arguably one of the most important X-Men stories ever told. I do not think that Fox would go and try to introduce a mutant who does not belong in this film. I would love to see the character used in a major role somewhere down the line in a film with a much lighter tone. What do you think? Would Dazzler fit in the fox X-men Universe? Would she fit in the dark phoenix story? Let us know! For all things geek you are in the right place!

Source: SuperBroMovies