Christopher Nolan’s Next Film To Release In 2020

Christopher Nolan, the director of The Dark Knight trilogy, will be releasing his next film in July 2020.

Warner Bros. announced the news on Friday, and the news is being reported by multiple sources including The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

The title of his upcoming film has yet to be released along with any cast members or other partners on the project. The Hollywood Reporter describes the film as an “event film,” however no further details are given. The film will be released the same weekend Dunkirk released in 2017, which earned Nolan his first Oscar nomination for Best Director while winning three Oscars for sound editing, film editing, and sound mixing.

While almost no details have been revealed about the film, Nolan has a reputation of creating epic blockbuster films with star-studded casts including Matthew McConaughey for Interstellar, Leonardo Dicaprio for Inception, and of course Christian Bale in The Dark Knight trilogy. Therefore audiences can expect another mind-bending blockbuster from the director.

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