Going Down in History: Kevin Feige Rumored to Offer Chris Evans Opportunity to Direct Episodes of Marvel Studios’ Disney + Series

Chris Evans’s run as Captain America is likely to come to an end by the conclusion of the next Avengers film due out in a couple months, regardless of how his character goes out. Of course, it’s going to be a sad, dark day for fans of the character and the presence he’s had in the narrative of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Chris Evans himself may not be done with Marvel Studios just yet. The following is a rumor that was found on Twitter:

If this is true, fans will be ecstatic if Evans is involved in, beyond the cinema, the Marvel Live-Action Universe as a whole. I’m sure, if he is directing, he will be taking pages out of the books of those who have directed him over the years, whether it be action (potentially for the Winter Soldier/Falcon series) or romance (potentially for the Scarlet Witch/Vision series). Personally, I hope he looks back to a film he was in called Cellular (currently on Netflix, highly recommend!)

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Written by Mike Guimond