Confirmed: Disney Will Keep R-Rating on Deadpool Movies

As Disney gets closer and closer to acquiring the film and TV divisions of 21st Century Fox, many Marvel fans are wondering if Deadpool, one of the many Marvel characters under Fox’s ownership, will have more R-rated movies under the Disney banner. They shall wonder no longer because Disney has officially confirmed that the merc with the mouth will keep having movies made by Marvel, with the essential R-rating still remaining.

This has been a highly-debated subject, mainly because Disney is notorious for strictly adhering to it’s family-friendly material, making only PG-13 and below rated movies, with a few exceptions like The Fifth Estate. And violence, nudity and slurs characteristic of an R-rating are such an important component of the character of Deadpool, and something Disney would normally shy away from.

But recently, Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger stated that Disney will keep making R-rated Deadpool movies, as well as other mature Marvel movies, after a call with investors:

“We will continue in that business. There’s certainly popularity.”

Bob Iger

Not only is this exciting for Marvel fans, but it also opens the door for many possibilities for adult movie and TV properties and divisions that are owned by Fox. Disney could make R-rated movies of famous Fox properties like Alien and Predator, as well adult shows like Family Guy and Archer that are part of Fox’s cable network FX and adult movies like those made Fox’s independent movie division Fox Searchlight Pictures, which include The Shape of Water and The Favorite. Whether or not Disney will have to create a new division for their adult content remains to be seen, but the plan seems to be:

“…carefully branding [R-rated movies]… so we’re not in any way confusing the consumer.

Bob Iger

Written by: Miguel Coelho

Source: Variety

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