‘Aquaman’ Spinoff Titled ‘The Trench’ In The Works

After a successful and record breaking box office run, Aquaman was a breath of fresh air for Warner Bros. as they’re looking to work on more stand alone films in the DCEU. Their new wave of future DC projects will focus more on independent adventures instead of a connected universe, much like their counterparts over at Marvel Studios.

What a surprise it is, however, that no sequel is in the works for the Jason Mamoa-lead film, but rather a spinoff.

Aquaman-Trench-UnderwaterThe Hollywood Reporter broke the news surrounding Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald being hired by WB to write a script revolving around the Trench and its killer monsters that attacked Aquaman and Mera in the latest DC film. The movie, titled “The Trench,” will focus on a horror-esque adventure that will not have the original cast of Aquaman. The project will have director James Wan and Peter Safran as producers.

aquaman-the-trenchThe Trench creatures made their first live action appearance in Aquaman. Before the fall of Atlantis, the Trench were ordinary Atlanteans that evolved into the monstrous form they carry.

Aquaman currently scores a 65% on Rotten Tomatoes and has earned $325 million domestic, recently surpassing Suicide Squad, and reached the $1 billion mark, also surpassing The Dark Knight, making it the most grossed DC film in the industry. The film will release on Blu-Ray and DVD in March 12.

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