Black Widow Finds a New Writer

It seems that Marvel has hired Ned Benson to rewrite the script for the upcoming Black Widow film. In case you are not aware of Ned Benson’s work, he wrote The Disappearance of Elanor Rigby: Her. The movie scored quite well and this comes as a surprise as there was no news on Black Widow for some time. Luckily, the director is still the same with Cate Shortland still at the helm of the project along with the MCU godfather Kevin Feige and fellow producer Jac shefftern.

This is surprising, but not shocking. Meanwhile, this is not a a common trend for MCU movies either. Although the project still has a long way out, the MCU is really just trying to get the tone and script 100 percent right. This is one of the movies MCU fans have been clamoring for a while, so making sure that everything from top to bottom is 100 percent is exactly what the MCU should do. Personally, I do not mind the switch up, as the MCU as a great track record of taking lesser-known directors a making them household names. I am excited to see what the project is going to look like in a post-Endgame MCU. The characters they have to play with are even larger now thanks to the merger so I can not wait to see what the standalone project looks like! For all things geek, you are in the right place!


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