A Letter From the Editor

Hello! My name is Preston Moore. I’m the proud Founder and Editor-In-Chief of this site. Throughout the years, I’ve been able to lead a wonderful group of people from around the world who all shared the same passion: cinema. We’ve had team members from Sweden, Great Britain, Portugal, Guam, Laos, Colombia, and more. This diverse team has strived for the past four years to bring you unique and uplifting content, and I cannot overstate how proud I am to see the work we’ve done. Geek Motivation truly is my heart and soul.

Since this site’s inception in 2015, we have doubled the amount of followers across multiple platforms, and endeavored in many types of articles, podcasts, live shows, bracket events, and video content. We’ve experienced success and we’ve endured failure, but one thing remains: our passion for cinema.

With the new year upon us, we at Geek Motivation are ready to bring you more than ever. We’re ready to broaden the range of content we produce. We’re ready to give you The Cinema Spot. In the future, expect us to give you more than ever. The Cinema Spot is your number one source for all things movies. It’s a change, and a mighty good one.

“The world’s changing, boys. It’s time we change too.” – Adrian Toomes, ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

We may have a new look, a new name, and a new mission, but you’re not losing anything as the reader. We’re simply adding more to that Geek Motivation goodness that you already had. Everything you saw at Geek Motivation, you can fully expect to find at The Cinema Spot. We’re the same team with the same passion: cinema.

Thank you for everything you’ve brought us in the past. Thank you for remaining loyal to our site, and thank you for every retweet, like, and share you’ve given our content. We’re incredibly grateful to have had you along for this ride, and we hope you stick around for the future. Because as Captain Marvel would say, we’re going higher, further, and faster in every way.

Preston Moore


Special thanks to the following for helping along this journey:

Adel Naqvi, Akhil Modali, Alex Donahue, Alicia Leon, Andrew Valencia, Angel Morales, Cecilia Closs, Christian Hubbard, Christian Quiles, Clayton Hare, Cody Fram, Danielle Gonzalez, Devin Roberts, Dip Barua, Dorian Parks, Ernesto Valenzuela, Faz Dzulkefli, Gabe Kaspar, Gonzalo Estigirriba, Gracie Powell, Jack Douglass, Jake Lester, Jake Moody, James Howey, Jeff Cambra, Jesus Coyotl, John Tangalin, Jordan Humphrey, Joselynn Guzman, Krit Jain, Lief Brandgard, Luke Hungerford, Marc Sinclair, Michael Boschi, Michael Marinelli, Miguel Coelho, Mike Guimond, Minwa Ali, Motsapi Ramatlapeng, Neil Sharma, Neko Jones, Nicole Moore, Parker Batkins, Raymond Benitez-Toler, Raymond Vinuya, Richie Abruscato, Shane Moore, Steven Scott, Tyler Siedell, Tyrone Devon, Will Wyatt, Zach Briggs, Zach Smith, Zack Aults