Armie Hammer in Final Stages to Star in ‘The Batman’

We may have our next caped crusader. According to Revenge of the Fans, none other than Armie Hammer will be the next to don the cape and cowl, “barring any major setbacks.”


This news comes after Ben Affleck’s recent stepping down from the role, after holding it since 2015’s Batman v Superman. Affleck also starred as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Suicide Squad and Justice League. After years of rumors on Affleck’s status as Batman, he confirmed his step down on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week.

This left Matt Reeves’ 2020 The Batman without an announced actor to play the titular role. After a mere week of speculation, we reportedly have our answer: Armie Hammer. Hammer has been seen in films such as The Social NetworkCall Me by Your Name, and The Lone Ranger, and has been nominated for one Golden Globe.

Hammer in Call Me by Your Name

What do you think of Armie Hammer as Bruce Wayne? Is he the man you hoped for, or were you looking for something else in the next dark knight? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram!


UPDATE (Feb 18 7:32PM EST):

Film reporter Umberto Gonzalez has debunked this report, citing that he “checked with the studio” and the agency. Armie Hammer is no longer believed to be in final stages of casting in The Batman.

Now that it’s open, who would you cast? Let us know!


Source: Revenge of the Fans

Preston Moore