Top 7 Foreign Movies You Need To Watch

We’re all used to Hollywood being our prime and, for most people, only source of entertainment. HOWEVER, and follow me on this because it’s shocking… Other countries also make movies!

A shocker, I know. So, without further ado, here are my picks of foreign movies that you probably haven’t seen.

And if you don’t agree, please write your favorites down bellow. Although you’re wrong.

The Troll Hunter (Norway)

No, I’m not talking about the Netflix’s Guillermo del Toro’s animated series. I’m talking about the André Øvredal 2010 movie about a group of students making a documentary about a bear poacher.

Little did they knew that this alleged bear poacher is actually a no-nonsense troll hunter. This movie combines the style of a documentary and a fantasy movie better than you may think and uses the folklore surrounding these mythical creatures in pretty inventive manner.

La Vita è Bella (Italy)

This 1997 Italian masterpiece written by, directed by and starring Mr. “I’m-Too-Old-To-Be-Playing-Pinocchio” Roberto Benigni is one of those old movies that your parents surely have seen but you haven’t.

Set on a Nazi concentration camp, it tells the story of a Jewish man, Guido Orefice and his family. It’s a tragic story with an ending that will break you like a piece of glass that has already been broken from every previous scene of this movie.

I’m not crying, you are.

What We Do In The Shadows (New Zealand)

A mockumentary from the pre-Thor: Ragnarok Taika Waititi and the underappreciated Jemaine Clement (he’s a genius, watch Legion).

This 2014 horror comedy follows a group of goold-old roomates on Wellington. Oh, yeah, all four of them are vampires. A documentary crew follows them as they try to get into clubs, getting blood, and fight werewolves.

If you like to laugh, you should probably watch this one. Period.

Y Tu Mamá También (Mexico)

Before being an Oscar winner director, Alfonso Cuarón was directing this road trip and coming of age movie.

A narrator follows two friends (played by Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna) on 1999’s Mexico, a period where the country was going through some polithical issues. These two “players” go on a roadtrip with Diego Luna’s cousin’s wife, yeah, I know. Dogs.

The film is filled with drugs, sex, mild social commentary and, of course, two friends growing up and what that would mean to their friendship.

These Final Hours (Australia)

You think that with Deep Impact or Armageddon you have watched all the best movies with meteors having to do with the plot?


This australian film directed by Nathan Hilditch tells the story of a world without any Bruce Willis to drill a hole on a meteor to save the world.

From the beginning the film tells you that everyone is going to die. So, what does our protagonist James wants to do. Party, of course. Although, he rescues a little girl who interrupts this plan.

A creative look at the casual apocalyptic thriller with engaging characters and plot.


The Hunt (Denmark)

Look, this one is pretty hard to watch.

This 2012 film tells the story of Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen) a preschool teacher that is accused of raping a 5-year-old girl.

The movie isn’t about this event, per se. Instead, it focuses on the mass hysteria of the little town where it happens, on how the people act when they think that they know something.

If this description didn’t convince you, do it for the Mads. He’s easily the best part of the movie.

The Raid 1 and 2 (Indonesia)

Yes, this technically makes this list a top 8, but I don’t like that number, so stick with me.

Do you like spectacular action movies? Yeah, I pressumed so. These two movies have the most imppresive choreographies that I have watched in my twenty four years of life. And I don’t have many friends, so you can know for a fact that I watch a ton of movies.

It follows Iko Uwais’s character Rama. I’m not going to spoil the second movie, so you only have to know that he’s a special tactics officer that is sent to raid (pretty self explanatory in the name) an apartment block in Jakarta.

There’s kicks, punches, bullets, twists and death.

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