Scarlet Speedster’s Solo Outing Going Through a Flashpoint of It’s Own with Another Rewrite and Producer

Although DC Films under Warner Brothers has had an ever-changing slate, there is a film that has remained a constant: The Flash solo film. Yes, it has been moved around plenty of times, sights have always been set on it getting made. What has not been constant, though, is the creative minds behind the film and the plot itself, almost as if Barry’s been messing with the timeline again. The most recent ripple, however, doesn’t seem too detrimental, as producer Michael Disco has shimmered into the timestream to influence the future of this movie.

Michael Disco

Keeping in mind that writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are already one with the speedforce, Michael Disco getting inducted reunites the team behind Game Night, one of the most intricately-plotted comedies to date. When it comes to making a film about The Flash, both comedy (when it comes to his character) and intricate plots (when it comes to science fiction matters such as time travel) are a necessity. Let’s hope this potential energy can turn kinetic and the film can run into full-fledged production!

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Written by Mike Guimond

Source: MovieWeb