Why The New Hellboy Won’t Be A Hell No (Get It?)

Hello, my fellow average human beings and probably Elon Musk (I see you Elon, and I salute you). I’m here to talk to you about my personal favorite demon. No, I’m not a satanist (if you are, it’s okay). I’m talking about Hellboy reboot and his second trailer. And guess what? It’s pretty freaking awesome.

I won’t lie to you, when Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman were pushing Universal for a possible threequel to their saga in 2017, I was retweeting and voting. But it didn’t happened.

Nevertheless, when the Mike Mignola (the creator of this devil himself) announced on his FaceBook that a David Harbour lead R-rated reboot was in the works, my little heart stopped aching.

The first trailer was okay, I mean, it wasn’t anything out of this world. But this new one is something to look at.

Yes, it is kinda spoilery but Spiderman: Homecoming was too and it was okay.

So, why should it excite you?

  1. David Harbour has shown on a little show called Stranger Things that he can act and be an action dude.
  2. A stellar group of actors, including the one named before (if you write his name on an article three times, he kills you, so I’m avoiding it), Ian McShane, Alice from Resident Evil herself, Milla Jovovich, and Lost alumn Daniel Dae Kim, to name the ones that I know.
  3. The new world where Hellboy lives in seems to be more fantasy heavy. The few people that aren’t impaled in the trailer seems to be used to demons, a new kind of Hulk that turns into a leopard when angry, witches and houses with chicken legs.
  4. The design of the monsters is surely neat. Between the aforementioned Hulk-Leopard, a Rocksteady-looking boar, a Baba Yaga (run, Antman sidekick, run) and his freaking chicken legged HOUSE, and Hellboy himself are some dope-looking characters.
  5. And, of course, the main man himself, Hellboy riding a dragon with a fire crown and a big ass sword. If that doesn’t awake your heavy metal album cover thirst, nothing will.

So, yeah. Those are just a few points in favor of this movie, that looks incredible. Go see it, unless you’re reading this in the future and it wasn’t any good. Then buy it on DVD and burn it. Or do whatever you like. I’m not your boss.

Okay, then. I’m signing off. But please, do follow us on our social media or else I will write David Harbour’s name three times on your articles and send him for you.

Oh no…

He’s coming…

Oh nooooooo!

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