Who is Morbius?

Recently, Jared Leto posted an image on Twitter which showed us our first look into the upcoming Morbius movie. The movie, centered around the titular character, Morbius the living vampire, is a marvel comics character which has gained traction in recent years.

Michael Morbius was an award winning biochemist who suffered from a blood disease. In an experimental attempt to cure his disease, he ended up giving himself vampiric powers and became a living vampire.

Morbius first appeared in the panels of a Spiderman comic and has since moved on to engage with many big names and make a name for himself. His powers include the regular vampiric powers like super strength, super speed, regenerative factor and even mind control and creation of other living vampires like himself.

What sets him apart from a true vampire, is the fact that he is a vampire made through scientific means, and not a mystical source. This means he lacks all of the weaknesses a traditional vampire has. Holy items, silver weapons, stakes through the heart aren’t lethal for him. He can even walk around in sunlight, though his skin and eyes are a bit more sensitive to it. This provides a fresh twist on the general vampire theme.

Jared had been confirmed to play Morbius back in June 2018, and his set photo marks the beginning of production. The movie will also include some other big names like Adria Arjona, Matt Smith,Jared Harris and most recently,Tyrese Gibson.

Morbius is set to have a roughly 12 weeks production and is set for a July 31 2020 theatrical release.

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