Comics to Check Out After Watching ‘Captain Marvel’

Liked Captain Marvel and want more of that tone and Carol going on these great adventures? Never fear,  here are 3 comics to check out after seeing Captain Marvel!


1.  “A-Force” (2016)

Written by G.Willow Wilson

This comic takes place after the events of the “Civil War 2”, and the reason I pick it is that you get to see Carol interact with a team, and see how she plays with others. Wilson story arc’s are very well put together and cast of characters all play well of each other. If you remember at the end of Captain Marvel she shows up to aid the leftover Avengers in Endgame and much like this, “A-Force” book tackles how Carol would be on a team where she has to lead. The book does not power scale and will allow you to see just how strong she can get. It also gives an insight to Carol as the person, more so the superhero and really allows the reader to get deep and understand the psychology of Captain Marvel.

  1. The Life of Captain Marvel (2018)

Written by Margaret Stohl

This comic is perfect if you want the tone straight from the movie. Marvel decided to drop this comic actually in order to get people familiar with the character, but that is what is so great. Don’t read a lot of comics but still want the tone of the movie, this comic is for you. It gives a holistic approach to the superhero, focusing equally on Carol as much as focusing on the Captain Marvel identity. Best part is that the comic is easy to pick up on whatever issue, so definitely give it a try if you get the chance!

3. “Captain Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest Hero” (2016)

Written by Kelly Sue Deconnick

So this one is a bit bias, but hear me out. To a majority of comic fans, Ms. Deconnick has a handle on this decade as the leader of writing captain marvel. I love her run because it plays so well into the superhero part.  Reading the pages and seeing Carol unleash her true potential while at the same time exploring her identity as a person is awesome. This one works great post you seeing the movie because you can see her on her galactic adventures and overall see how she works in space. It is awesome because they are some really special scene in the comic that I do not want to spoil for you!

Did you enjoy Captain Marvel? Any recommendations you have?  For all things cinema and more, you are in the right place