Story Details and New Suit Revealed For Disney Park’s New Spider-Man Attraction

With the scheduled opening year of 2020 quickly approaching and construction slowly but surely getting underway, California and Paris’s Disneyland Resorts’ Marvel Lands will be here before we know it. As we inch closer to the highly anticipated opening, more and more details are being revealed by Disney Imagineering, and we recently got some exciting news about the land’s flagship E-ticket Spider-Man attraction.

For the first time, some of the story details are beginning to be filled in. Tony Stark has founded the “Worldwide Engineering Brigade” – or WEB – to develop super-powered technologies, with their first project being new advancements to the Spider-Man suit. At WEB, Tony is recruiting the world’s brightest minds to come help test the technology, and further help create “new interfaces that will empower all of us to join the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest.”


Beyond revealing these very basic plot details (and getting its new logo), we also get a look at Spidey’s new suit. Imagineering partnered with Ryan Mienerding, Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, to dream up the design. It should be noted that the web-slingers on each wrist are highly pronounced, as opposed to some of the outfits we see in the MCU films.


Throughout the Disney Parks Blog press release, they stress the ideas of being able to experience what it is like to be your favorite Marvel heroes, through a blend of innovative technologies and practical sets. It is still unclear to what the exact ride system is going to be, whether we see a shooter style attraction like Toy Story Mania, a thrill ride layout like previous patents suggest, or a blend of the two.


Regardless, Marvel Land will be here before we know it, and us at The Cinema Spot will be here to keep you up-to-date on all of its advancements.