The OA Part II Review (Spoiler-Free)

After almost three years, The OA is back for Part II and as you might have figured from our Brit Marling article, we’re pretty excited about this.

The first episode starts immediately after the events in the last episode of Part I. It breaks the 1-hour barrier, as it introduces new characters and their surroundings, leaving enough time for viewers to slowly understand who they are, before finally answering the question that’s been plaguing every viewer’s mind: was OA lying?

The-OA-Season-2The first couple of episodes establish what this new universe is and what it means for the story and these characters. As the plot progresses viewers may think everything’s clearer and they are finally getting what’s really going on…


The second half brings all these pieces together: what was known from Part I and what we’ve learned from Part II. This story keeps getting deeper and deeper and when you finally seem to have caught up with what everything means, Marling and Batmanglij surprise viewers with an unexpected turn and new elements, that I personally as a viewer, had never considered.

Besides the story itself, the show is just beautifully made. The photography in these episodes is just outstanding, there were shots that left me marveling the beauty of their composition.


The OA is a show quite unlike any other, a show that perhaps isn’t for everyone as its brilliance lies in its craziness. Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij are amazing storytellers and The OA is a faithful reflection of their talent.

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