Will Taskmaster Be The Black Widow’s Villain?

It seems that all we can hear/read are news and rumors about the upcoming Black Widow solo film. Earlier this month we covered that Emma Watson was in talks to co-star in the film.

Later, the news were that Moonlight‘s Andre Holland was being considered to play the main antagonist of the film. All of this is still too early to tell, the only thing that we know for certain is that the film will be lead by Scarlett Johansson and that the film will begin production on June.

Well, it’s time to add another rumor to this list.

According to various news sites, including Comicbook, Movieweb, We Got This Covered, the villain possibly played by Holland is going to be the one and only Taskmaster.

Some of these reports are emphasizing that the version of this Marvel villain we’re gonna get is the Ultimate Universe version.

This would mean that he would be called Tony Masters, an ex-mercenary with the ability to copy any powers that he could, as long as he had came into contact with it. A version of Zachary Quinto’s Skylar (from Heroes, without the whole killing thing).

If the movie instead follows the original version of the character, the villain will have photographic reflexes, that allows him to copy anyone’s physical movements, making him a real kung-fu threat.

It doesn’t matter the version we get, personally I only care that it is written as a good MCU villain and not an average one and, judging by the acting delivered by Holland on his Moonlight‘s breakout role, we can expect, at least a well-acted villain to antagonise the russian spy.

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