Thinking Ahead: 4 Places For The MCU To Head After Endgame

WOW. It feels like just yesterday we were all gushing and trying to recover from the events of Infinity War. Now, fast forward and we are only less than a month away from Avengers: Endgame. I could not help but think after watching the Endgame trailers, what next? With Endgame being the last movie in the “Infinity saga” of the MCU, I really wondered exactly where the MCU is going to go from here. I am sure I am not the only one with this question in mind, so here are 4 possible options on what big storyline the MCU could follow next.

1. Galactus the Devourer I think this is the only villain you can build up to that is even bigger than Thanos. Imagine, the Avengers that are left after the onslaught that we are expecting in Endgame slowly begin to recover and hints of something even larger come, someone simply out to cause havoc because it is his duty. The number of people it would take to bring him down would allow great team matchups. It helps a lot that Disney finally has access to the important characters in the galactic mythos: The Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer. It could be a sure-fire bet the next big stage they build up to is the MCU vs Galactus!

2. Kree VS Skrull War– This is definitely where a lot of fans (including myself) think the MCU is heading and for the better too. Captain Marvel gave us a taste of what this could be like, as we saw the Skrulls take form and shapeshift all throughout the movie. Imagine trying to figure out who was a Skrull and who it really is. It would give a thriller/suspense to the MCU that we have not seen before. It also leaves a lot of room for speculation and backdoor entrances to new characters. I also think this type of storyline boasts a great front for each of the big characters going forward in the MCU (Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Doctor strange and Spiderman). Each of them could deal with this in separate ways and the end results could be a two-part major crossover like Infinity War and Endgame while at the same time bringing new energy into the MCU. Just imagine a post-credits scene where you find out that one of your favorite characters this whole time was a Skrull. It would cause a lot of drama!

3. House of M This one is a stretch, but hear me out. To comic readers , this story is gold. The twists and turns in the story line are great, but I think this could be good for one big reason. NOTE, THIS SECTION OF THE ARTICLE IS GOING TO CONTAIN SPOILERS FROM THE HOUSE OF M STORYLINE, SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. In House of M, Scarlet Witch lashes out and alters reality to the point where the whole 616 universe is messed up. I think if Disney wants a backdoor to introduce the X-Men and other characters, this could be it. Note that the reason I think this one is a stretch is that we really have to establish the X-Men in the MCU first to do this storyline as they play a huge role in it. Imagine the big crossover movie at the end of this saga being current Scarlet Witch erasing everything that has happened to this point and leaving the Avengers and characters in the current MCU in shambles causing my next big story to happen!

4. Secret Wars If you are an avid  comic reader, you knew this one was going to show up eventually on this list. I think this one would work great as something after House of M, as that could set up an alternative universe where Marvel could really play with some wacky and more obscure characters. Then boom, their worlds collide and they have to stop them from coming together. It would allow us to see alternate versions of the characters we already love and could even leave a backdoor for the infinity stones to come back (If you have read the comics, you know exactly what I am talking about).

Let me know what you think? What storyline would you like to see going forward? For all things cinema, you are in the right place!