Dave Bautista Will Star In Zack Snyder’s ‘Army of The Dead’

Deadline confirmed that Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) has closed a deal with Netflix to star in their upcoming Army of the Dead movie, directed by none other than Zack Snyder.

The project comes with a script written by Snyder himself , along with screenwriter Shay Hatten (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum). According to Deadline“[…] the adventure is set amid a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, during which a man assembles a group of mercenaries to take the ultimate gamble: venturing into the quarantined zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted.” Production of the film will be helmed by Snyder and his wife, Deborah, and includes a $70 million budget.

Snyder isn’t a stranger to the zombie genre as he directed the remake for the George Romero classic Dawn of the Dead. The 2004 re-imagining marked the directorial debut for the Man of Steel director, currently scoring a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes with a cult following.

Army of the Dead will be Snyder’s return to the director’s seat since his departure from Justice League. Nonetheless, fans of Snyder are happy that he’ll be back to making film as he recently produced a meet up that they dubbed “Snydercon,” where audiences were greeted with screenings of Director’s Cut and a Q&A panel for three of his films: Dawn of the Dead, Batman v Superman and Watchmen.

As for Dave Bautista, this marks his first collaboration with Snyder and a change of pace for his acting career. Known for his famous role as Drax the Destroyer in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Infinity War, and its highly anticipated sequel Endgame, he’s also currently reworking with director Denis Villenueve (Blade Runner 2049) on the highly anticipated project Dune.

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