Can Disney + “Snap” Netflix out of top position?

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has sure been busy over the last couple of weeks! First, they drop Avengers: Endgame tickets which absolutely shatter all kinds of records. Then, Disney decided at D23 to drop all the details on their in-house streaming service titled Disney +, and it blew fans away. It has even been touted by many people as a possible Netflix killer! Today, I would like to explore this question a little more: Can Disney + really kill Netflix? The quick answer is “No,” but the long term answer is “Yes.” Let’s go over the basics of Disney +. Disney’s streaming service will house all Disney-owned properties plus original content produced for the service, very much in the vein of Netflix, Hulu, and other stream service providers. The service will be priced at a crazy low 7 dollars a month and an apparent student cost will be 4.99 a month.

Now let us talk about what makes this service so special: the content. Disney alone with orginal IPs could make a ton of money, but now with the acquisition of Fox along with the MCU and Star Wars, the content on the streaming service is going to compete very well with Netflix out the gate. They are planning to put all the classic on there, along with over 400 to 500 movies from there extensive categorical, both new and old along with TV shows. The original content might be what everyone is going crazy about though. On the Star Wars front, there is the highly anticipated The Mandalorian series directed by Disney regular Jon Favreau and other familiar filmmakers. Along with that MCU has a large slate of shows from the their main universe in development including Scarlet-Vision, Winter Soldier and a Falcon, and a rumored Hawkeye show. Alone, those will bring in a lot of fans from both respective universes. On top of all of this, a show with the original cast of Monsters, Inc. is being developed following characters Sulley and Mike in their adventures. Both the Monsters, Inc, series and the Mandalorian series are going to be dropping with the service, so what does this all equate to?

In my eyes, I see the service not being a huge problem to Netflix right away, but rather in the future. Right away, Netflix has a head start when it comes to programming and just the sheer amount of content. I think Disney will compete in the long run and really has a chance to take a large share of the market in due time. This will be due to the content and all the IPs Disney owns. The key in all of this will be the price. I am sure Disney will have to increase the price eventually, but that price point makes the service really attractive. It will be interesting going forward to observe, but what do you think? Can Disney really snap Netflix out of the market?


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