Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Gets An Update

Geralt of Rivia, the famed Witcher of the titular The Witcher series is all set to make an appearance on our TV screens after already taking over our PCs and consoles.

The show will be helmed by none other than Henry Cavill of the recent Superman fame. The show is based on the The Witcher game series, which in turn is based on the books written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The story follows Geralt, a genetically modified human (known as Witcher) and his journey through the lands, slaying monsters.

The show was nothing but a rumor around last year, but Netflix has released an official release timeframe, confirming both the existence and schedule of the show. The Witcher will drop in the last quarter of 2019, so anywhere between October to December.

The series has a cult following in many countries, mainly Poland as it’s the origin of the novels, but recently shot into the spotlight due to the excellently made video game series made by CD Projekt Red. The game gained it’s own cult following at release, and then worldwide fame with the final entry in the series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game has been deemed one of the best games made in this entire generation and has received only the highest praises from anyone asked.

The recent success of the game is one of the driving reasons for the adaptation into a TV series. Every one of the fans has high expectations from the series and all the judgement is withheld until further content is released. We’re all awaiting the trailer which should drop a month or two before the series releases for all the breakdowns.

The series will follow the books rather than the games and thus will be a new experience for all the game fans as well as casual fans alike.
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