Casting The New Fantastic Four For An MCU Reboot

With the recent purchase of 21st Century Fox, Disney has obtained the rights to a plethora of cool and popular characters including the Fantastic Four. With the recent catastrophe of 2015’s Fantastic Four which scored a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes, Disney will want to tread very carefully while making decisions for their own reboot. So without further ado, here are my picks for actors that would be ideal and who I’d love to see in a reboot.

Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards: John Krasinski, Bill Skarsgård

For this role you’re going to want someone who fits the physical tall and thin build but who can also pull of a “brilliant scientist.” Oh, and of course someone who fits the MCU style humor. So who better than John Krasinski of The Office? He’s shown in recent films like A Quiet Place that he can go beyond a comedic role and really ramp it up when he needs to and I think it’d be a delight to see. I also think Bill Skarsgård who is best known for his work as Pennywise in 2017’s IT would be an interesting dark horse pick.

Susan Storm/Invisible Woman: Charlize Theron, Emilia Clarke

For this pick you need someone strong and independent, someone who you see as an unexpected badass. I have two picks I think would be incredible in Charlize Theron and Emilia Clarke. When it comes down to it, Charlize Theron can ACT and has consistently shown to have dedication to her roles such as Atomic Blonde where she is super convincing as a deadly assassin and spy and someone I would not want to mess with. I have complete confidence in her acting abilities and would love to see them on display in this role. Same goes for Emilia Clarke who has owned her role in Game Of Thrones for 8 years now. Emilia can go full badass, but also displays a very sensitive and sympathetic side that would translate perfectly for Susan Storm.

Johnny Storm/The Human Torch: Zac Efron, Ross Lynch

For this role you need someone who brings out the child like energy in all of us, someone cocky who just wants to have fun. I’ll take Zac Efron for this role. He’s shown in films like the Neighbors series that’s he’s made for the role of a party animal. But he can also deliver charm and dramatic acting as in 2019’s Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile where he plays serial killer Ted Bundy. While I believe this would be a great fit I also think another serial killer actor could fit the mold in Ross Lynch. This child star turned dramatic actor completely pulls off Jeffery Dahmer in 2017’s My Friend Dahmer and displays a wide display of acting range.

Ben Grimm/The Thing: John Cena, David Harbour

Alright, with this character being CGI you need someone to come in and deliver funny and intimidating lines. Someone who can be the punching bag of the group and the butt of all jokes. Someone who makes everyday tasks comical. Boy oh boy would I like to see John Cena in this role. This would be a big role for Cena and one that I think he would embrace. Being an internet meme and sensation, Cena is used to being the butt of all jokes and would fit the mold perfectly. Besides him I think David Harbour could play the part nicely. Stranger Things put him on the map and allowed him to get the lead in Hellboy. While Hellboy didn’t turn out as we all imagined, with some better direction and writing he could’ve been great in the role.

While some of these picks might seem unrealistic we all know that anything is possible, right? I mean I never thought Bradley Cooper would play a talking raccoon. These are just actors I think would be a fun and fresh addition to the MCU and ones I’d love to see. Slowly but surely we’ll start to get some more news on these castings so be sure to stay around when the castings finally happen.

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