Lucifer Season 4 Review

It’s been a year since Lucifer got cancelled by Fox but now the King of Hell is back, thanks to Netflix.

This season is 10 episodes long and after the previous season (22 + 4 extra episodes, that were originally ordered for season 2), a shorter season has proven to be a great decision. Season 3 had a lot of fillers and although most episodes were a lot of fun, they steered viewer’s attention away from the main plot and it didn’t really work. Season 4 packs up the current arc neatly, no fillers, straight-forward plot development and even secondary plots are used to support the main one.

This season follows the consequences of last season’s cliffhanger: Chloe (Lauren German) finding out the truth about Lucifer (Tom Ellis). Her reaction to the reveal feels real, organic. German’s performance this season is outstanding and viewers could really feel Chloe’s confusion and hurt. The same goes for Ellis, the audience could sense Lucifer’s internal struggle, trying to reconcile who he used to be with who he has become.

At first, I thought it was a bit irritating that the season’s plot centers around Lucifer’s romantic life and there’s no apparent “bad guy.” Don’t get me wrong, I find this characters’ relationships interesting but I’ve been craving for more backstory on angels and demons since season 2. This season is actually about Lucifer’s self-discovering process and his relationships (friendships and romantic) are part of that journey, as the people who surround him have helped shaped him into who he is.

This season is very much introspective, as it focuses in who these characters are, their beliefs and how they deal with hardships in their lives. It also leaves room to further explore the mythos in this story as many questions are raised after certain events.

As it was mentioned, the season concludes with this particular arc being closed and in case the show doesn’t return for more seasons, it’s a pretty solid series finale as well. That being said, I do hope it returns for more seasons, as there are a lot of aspects of this story that need to be explored.

Overall, Season 4 of Lucifer is extremely enjoyable, it gives closure to these characters’ arcs, but leaves viewers wanting to learn more about this world.

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