5 comics you should read to get ready for Spiderman:Far from Home

Just like that, there is only about a month until Spiderman: far from home comes out in theaters. With that being said, here are 5 comics I think you should check out before you go see the movie!


  1. Web of the Spider Volume 2; issue 4– This story would be great for anyone to pick up who is not familiar with the maestro as a character. The version of mystery fans will be seeing in the movie very much represents his modern counterpart. In order to get a good understand of where his character is, this storyline is right up the ally. This volume does a great job of outlining his character and really showing his motivations. The volume is part of a large story which is called the gauntlet, which does a retelling of each of spiderman main rogues gallery. So if interested, check out the whole story. If not, issue 4 of volume 2 is the retelling of the Mr.beck himself, so go enjoy that instead
  2. The New Avengers(By Brian Michael Bendis)– This team is legendary among comic book fans. One of the best Avengers runs within the last 10 years, includes the web-head himself. For anyone wondering why this story is on the list, hear me out. Far from home takes places right after Peter just did his first official full mission with the Avengers. He is going to have to find the balance of being part of the worlds strongest team and at the same time trying to balance the teen lifestyle and struggles of being peter parker. This run follows peter after freshly joining the team. In this Avengers run, you see Peter struggling and dealing with the effects of being Avengers on his very low-street level life! If you want to understand what Peter is going through mental and physical, I feel like this run is a great place to start.
  3. Spectacular Spiderman issues 51&52- I will keep going back to this, but Mysterio is one of the lesser utilized routes in spider man’s gallery. With that being said, they are not an abundance of popular stories with him so you have to dig deep in your long boxes. I love this story because it shows the underrated aspect of Mysterio which is intelligence. The storyline follows a plot in which for an old comic book, holds up very well. I won’t spoil anything, but for an old school spiderman story, it is awesome
  4. The Amazing Spiderman issues 198-200– This story is another one of those stories that do a really good job of showing off mysterious powers. The power of illusion can be difficult for anyone to deal with, now turn that up to 11 and make a prime peter parker the target, and the results can be devasting, and it is so much fun to watch. From the scenes we have seen, far from home is not shying away from mysterious power set, as the big action set pieces have him flying around with the fishbowl on and active!  This set of issues does a great job of putting character development down for a second and just showing how cool his power set is and how it really messes with Peter!
  5. Daredevil: Guardian Devil: Wait, a daredevil comic on a spiderman list?! Yes, hear me out again. I keep coming back to it, but Mysterio is a lesser-known rouge, and I do think that is about to change in a major way. I am also a believer in that a movie is only as good as its villain, and this is the case with the story involving daredevil. No spoilers on this end, but Mysterio is included in a big way in this story, and you really get the most flushed version of Mysterio yet. It also gives an insight into how Mysterio actions usually affect others around him. All in all, a nice change of pace from all the web head reading you are going to be doing.


Did I miss any? What would you recommend? For all things cinema, you are in the right place!