Jessica Jones Season 3 Review (Spoiler-Free)

The day has come and it’s time to say goodbye to our last defender: Jessica Jones.

The new season starts one year after season 2 with Jessica distanced from Trish (after Trish killed Jessica’s mother in the season 2 finale) and working on cases to help those in need. Dorothy Walker shows up at Alias Investigations, to ask Jessica for help finding Trish, who she claims is missing. After acquiring her powers at the end of season 2 Trish had been training and working as a vigilante, which is how Jessica finds her. After complications with the case, Jessica is stabbed by a mysterious figure, which kicks off this season’s plot.

The season is well developed and the character’s arcs are completed, of course, some fans may not be satisfied with some specifics, but the past seasons had been the build-up to this.

Some aspects of this season a superior to the last, such as the antagonist. Season 2 was pretty much villain-less, whereas this season is very clear on that aspect and also adds some interesting new characters.

This season is about Jessica finally becoming a hero and accepting that, much to her previous reluctance. In these final episodes viewers see that change in her, they watch her choose to be a hero.

Overall, the season is very much bittersweet, knowing this is probably the last time we’ll see the characters and this is last case we’ll follow with Jessica. It’s been hard saying goodbye to the Defenders but now we’ve oficially reached the end of the Marvel Netflix Universe, which had so much potential. Saying that the ending leaves room for more stories to follow and who knows what the future might bring.

Farewell Jessica Jones, you will be missed.

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