J.J. Abrams And Son To Write Spider-Man Comic Book Series

On June 16th, Marvel Entertainment posted on social media the number 4 made out of spider webs, leading many Spidey fans to believe that this was a tease for a comic book adaptation of Sam Raimi’s sequel to Spider-Man 3 and the fourth installment in his Spider-Man movie series. The installme t had a script written with Vulture as the villain but was never made into a movie. Sony instead opted to go the reboot route with The Amazing Spider-Man.

But many realized this was not the case, since the exact same thing happened the next day but with the number 3 instead of 4. It was a clear that Marvel was counting down to a major announcement regarding Spider-Man (since, in the following day, they posted the number 2 and, in the day after, they posted the number 1). And today it has been revealed, via Marvel Entertainment’s Youtube channel, what the countdown has been building up to: J.J. Abrams and his son, Henry Abrams, have written a limited series Spider-Man comic book.

J. J. Abrams is famous for directing and writing such movies as Mission: Impossible III, Super 8, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker as well as shows like Alias and Lost. Given Abrams’s background as a screenwriter, it will be very interesting to see what he and Henry Abrams will do for their first ever comic book.

What we know so far is that the limited series will also have artist Sara Pichelli attached, known for other Marvel comics like Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man and Runaways, and will star a new villain named Cadaverous. It will come out on September 2019.

Written by: Miguel Coelho

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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