Disney’s Live Action ‘Mulan’ Reported To Replace Mushu; Won’t Sing Classic Songs

Disney’s live action remake of the 1998 classic Mulan is currently in post production, and new details regarding the film have surfsced, courtesy of DisInsider. In an exclusive report, DisInsider claims that a source close to the group had the opportunity to see the film as it currently stands. This source claims that rather than having Mulan’s tiny dragon sidekick Mushu by the heroine’s side, he will instead be replaced by a phoenix.

The remake will also feature only new songs to be sung, rather than singing classic numbers such as, “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You,” and “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” Instead, instrumentals of the classic songs will be used, presumably as part of the score, but potentially as in-scene background music as well.

These changes may mark the beginning of a new era of Disney live action remakes, allowing more creative freedom to writers and directors. It may, however, upset some fans of the Disney Classics who would very much like to see the same stories repeated in love action rather than animation. There is a possibility, however, that these changes can be reverted, as the studio will hold test screenings to correct course using reshoots and further utilizing post-production.

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Source: DisInsider

Written By: Zach Smith (@omega_fist)