Samuel L. Jackson to Star in Chris Rock Produced ‘Saw IX’

If you haven’t heard by now, the infamously gory horror franchise Saw is getting another film. This time from an unexpected source. It was announced a few months back that none other than comedy legend Chris Rock will be producing and starring in the latest film, and now we can add legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson to the cast.


Jackson has signed on to play Rock’s father in the film. Very little has been revealed about the story, but thanks to Variety we have a small idea of who Jackson is playing in the new film, which is operating under the title ‘Saw IX’. The description reads:

Rock will play a police detective investigating a series of grisly crimes and Jackson will show up as his father.”

Call me intrigued on this one. It’s never a mistake to add talent to your cast, and Sam Jackson is the epitome of talent.

saw jordan peele

This continues the recent trend in Hollywood of horror films coming from individuals with little background in horror. It’s been wildly successful for director Jordan Peele (Get Out & Us) who had a background in comedy. Now we have a Chris Rock-produced Saw film coming and, announced a while back, we also have a Lebron James-produced Friday the 13th film coming. It’s a very interesting time in Hollywood to be a horror fan. If either of the aforementioned films are half as good as Peele’s work, then we will all be satisfied.

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What do you think about Chris Rock producing and starring in the newest ‘Saw’ film? Do you think Samuel L. Jackson is a good addition to the cast? Let us know!
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