Mortal Kombat Reboot Has Found its Sub-Zero

A new Mortal Kombat movie has been in development for a while with the studio New Line Cinema attached, and now it has been announced that actor and martial artist Joe Taslim will star in the film as Sub-Zero.

Mortal Kombat is a popular fighting game series about a fighting tournament held between the greatest fighters of Earth and Outworld to decide the fate of both realms. It is popular for its tight fighting mechanics and violent and gory moves and fatalities. One of the main characters is Sub-Zero, a ninja with ice powers and rival to Scorpion, the most popular character of the game.

A movie based on the game (titled Mortal Kombat and considered a cult classic) was already made in 1995, along with a sequel called Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, both directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and both rated PG-13. Now a reboot is being made by New Line, most likely due to the bad reception of the last movie, and for the fans who want a reboot that is R-rated, better, and more faithful.

Joe Taslim is a veteran of the Indonesian national judo team and his filmography includes such films as The Raid and The Night Comes For Us. This makes him a great fit for the role as those movies are known for their violent and frenetic action and incredibly choreographed fight scenes.

The movie was written by Greg Russo and will be the directorial debut of Simon McQuoid. Filming is slated start later this year in Australia.

Written by: Miguel Coelho

Source: Deadline

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