RUMOR: Hidden Facebook URLs May Give Away Marvel Studio’s Upcoming Film Lineup

Late last night, published a speculative article regarding Marvel Studio’s upcoming film lineup that may hold some weight. As with their article, this article will also be speculative.

The lineup seems to have been spoiled by hidden Facebook pages, with URLs that direct a viewer to a page displaying a message that claims either the link is broken or is only visible to a specific group of people (like a closed, private group). This may seem like nothing, however, when a URL is typed in that does not have any associated page, an error message comes up. For instance, I typed in As expected, I don’t have a page dedicated to my awesomeness on Facebook. You can check out my results for that search below.


Now, when I type in, say,, I am directed to this page:

Dark Avengers

The same page is the end result for other URLs, such as /BlackWidow, /MarvelsEternals, /YoungAvengersOfficial, and /MarvelsIronHeart. The first two examples are films that are in fact confirmed. Black Widow is currently in production, while The Eternals is in pre-production as they look to gather a great cast.

The other URLs, including /DarkAvengers, are films that have been previously speculated to be part of Marvel Studio’s Phase 4. With the ending of the Infinity Saga with Avengers: Endgame and Phase 3 wrapping up with Spider-Man: Far From Home, the studio will be entering a new era without Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and both their characters. The studio also previously announced there would be no films following Endgame that would be considered or called and Avengers film. Using the Young Avengers to continue with the earthly heroics is a great way to continue to bring in the casual viewer who knows to expect an enjoyable movie from a film where the word, “Avengers” is in the title.

Again, this is entirely speculative, however, could prove to spoil Marvel’s SDCC panel next week if true. Overall, the provided links match how Marvel markets their films on Facebook, a site where they heavily promote their upcoming films and subsequent home releases. If you do wish to try searching for the links yourself, or if you want to attempt to find new links, be sure to try it on your desktop only, as mobile browsers and in the Facebook app do not yield the same results.

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Source:, MCUCosmicMCUCosmic

Written By: Zach Smith (@omega_fist)