Tom Hardy To Help Co-Write Venom Sequel Script

While Andy Serkis was recently announced as the next Venom movie director, it seems that the movie sequel itself had already been in high gear on the development side. The movie will be written by Kelly Marcel, who also wrote the first film. What may be interesting is a quote that had come out recently in regard to the movie’s early script development. Recently, Serkis has gone on record saying that Tom Hardy is heavily involved in the script process, stating “Tom was very involved with the writing–with [screenwriter] Kelly Marcel–of the news story”. For those who do not know, Tom Hardy plays the symbiote himself, which gives good hope to the script as the writing in the last film was one of the more criticized parts of the previous film. It is going to be interesting to see how Hardy has an effect on the script, as he is now very in-tune with the character and has a whole movie and filming process under his belt. Serkis went on record saying, “I’m excited to work with all the great actors who are involved. It’s a fantastic franchise.” Although, the nice thing out of all this is it sounds like the Venom project has a direction and it seems that there are no hitches in the development at this point and time.

Whether you liked the film or not, simply hating on it is bad. Sure, while you may not agree with the way Sony handles its characters nor agree with the tedious parts of the film, at the end of the day Venom is a massive project, and if you are a fan of movies, you want to see the project succeed. I do believe Tom Hardy’s involvement with the script will benefit the movie as he can get one-on-one with it and try to find a new way to expand his character. What do you think? Do you think Tom Hardy being involved in the scriptwriting process is good for the development of the movie? Let us know and for all things geek, you are in the right place!